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You may find completing a tax return as a stressful exercise even if there are few entries to make. With the filing deadline sooner to be bought forward for returns that are completed in a paper version, the stress levels will rise even further!


We use TaxCalc Professional - H M Revenue & Customs approved software updated every year in order to:

  • complete your self-assessment tax return

  • calculate your final tax liability

  • file the return on line

  • liaise with you on the amounts to be paid and when they are due

  • Self assessment tax return forms

  • Unlock unclaimed tax refunds

  • Liaising with the HM Revenue & Customs

  • Tax code check - make sure you are paying the right tax


Producing accounts from a sole-trader's, partnership or limited company's records, advising on how to minimise tax liabilities; tax planning; completion of the yearly tax return for individuals; plus corporation tax and Companies House requirements for companies.                                                                      

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"We always thought we should use traditional large accountancy companies for the best service but we couldn’t have been more wrong.

Using WOS-UK Accounting & Tax Advisor Services has shown us we can get the same level of service without the large fees."


Bobby Brian, Bobby's Builders

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